Mr.Q Robotics is the robotics division of the company Main Research Question ( MRQ ).
We build advanced robots designed for speed and mobility in different natural, urban and industrial environments
We design and build from autonomous artificial swarms of Robots that recognize the environment to single Robots for specific purposes
God-i Robot is a Quadruped Robot (Based on the Cheetah Anatomy) designed for search and rescue missions with a built-in wearable device called God-i (Global online device - interactive) to be able to operate it remotely in real time

The God-i (Global online device - interactive) is a Wearable Device designed for Remote Vision purposes. It allows us to see and hear what our Robots see and hear in Real Time.

We can additionally collect data from the God-i Sensors in Real Time, for better decision making when operating the Robots.

The God-i Robot is suitable for for Industrial Environments and Search & Rescue Missions although it has endless possibilities.
Mr.Q · CEO & Founder

> Research Scientist ( Germany / UK / Berkeley, USA )
> 12 Scientific Papers ( Nature Genetics )
> Experience
in the fields of Virtual Reality and A.I. ( Machine Learning )

> Awarded Film Director & Producer
> 2 Times Candidate for an OSCAR Nomination
> 7 Awards as Entrepreneur

> Early Adopter of Cryptocurrency
> Drone Pilot
> Maker ( Active member at GAMAKER )