Entrepreneur & Filmmaker

God-i CEO & Founder / Film Director & Producer / Sci-Fi Writer / Artist / Maker /
Only OSCAR Nomination Candidate with a Scientific Paper in NATURE

The Next "Small" Thing

I’m the Author of 2 Patents ! The first one is related to 3D Image Analysis of Confocal Microscope Images and is Property of the US Government who paid my salary while working in Scientific Research at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ( California, USA ). The other patent is about a new cool Wearable Device called God-i that can be used to Broadcast your Life in Real Time. Would you like to be part of the Next “Small” Thing ?

Futuristic Technology

I love Sci-Fi ! That’s why I’m always thinking about how the Future will be like. I like to write short stories that could be expanded to a Blockbuster or to inspire a Mass Consumer Product. Would you like to work with me on Futuristic Technology ?

My Next Movie

I love Storytelling & Technology ! 3D Animation is the perfect way to combine both. Perpetuum Mobile and Daisy Cutter were Awarded with 80 International Film Awards and were Candidates for an OSCAR Nomination.
I’m currently developing new High Concept Projects ( Sci-Fi & Transmedia ) and always seeking for new Talent especially Concept Artists, Character Designers, 3D Modelers & Riggers, … willing to collaborate in Challenging Artistic Projects.