The most Beautiful Thing we can Experience is the Mysterious. It is the Source of all True Art & Science.
Please support my Scientific, Art & Technological Projects.

Building Rockets is my passion but also a Rocket Science that needs your Support. I’ve build SOROS ( SOlid ROcket Stand ) to test the Impulse of different Solid Fuel Mixes but my secret goal is to launch a Solid Fuel Rocket 1 Kilometer into the air to test some Sensors and a Recovery System. I really will appreciate your Financial Support to help me build the Rocket Bodies, Rocket Engine Nozzles, and buy the Sensors. I will inform you of all the progress of the Project and you’ll have a Front Row Seat the Launch Day !

Nanowars is a really cool SciFi Experiment in New Narratives. The project started in 2017 with a Fake News about an Accident in a Pharmaceutical Company that released a deadly Virus, and that information was hidden to the public by the CEO of the Company with the complicity of the Mass Media ! Nanowars is a very Complex Project that needs your Support to help me to Create Hundreds of Videos to boldly build a story as no one has done before.

My 2 previous 3D Animated Shortfilms : Perpetuum Mobile & Daisy Cutter were Awarded 80 Times in Film Festivals around the world, and were Candidates for an OSCAR Nomination. I’m currently developing Crystal Bull, my new 3D Animated Shortfilm. With your support, we could run together for the OSCARs again because I will credit you as Associate Producer in my Film.

Cheetah Robot is an Advanced Quadruped Robot designed for Search & Rescue Missions in Natural, Urban and Industrial Environments. I want to participate in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, so I need to invest in new and more powerful Servo Motors, Batteries and Sensors. I will appreciate any Financial Support to build the next version of the Cheetah Robot, but also any Technical Support for such a big and rewarding Challenge … $2M for the Best Robot !
Feel free to Contact me to let me Know wich is your Favorite Project